The Hijacker Who Vanished: The Mystery of DB Cooper - Storyville

The Hijacker Who Vanished: The Mystery of DB Cooper - Storyville



What a tremendous true-life mystery. It’s got everything – a parachute escape by an aeroplane hijacker, death-bed confessions, grizzled FBI agents, missing cigarette butts, buried money, prison breakouts… and no real resolution.

In 1971 a man calling himself “DB Cooper” passed a note to an air stewardess on board a flight from Portland to Seattle saying if he didn’t receive a $200,000 ransom, he would detonate a bomb in his briefcase. The plane landed to pick up the money, then took off again, and he parachuted from the plane with his cash as it flew to Reno.

What followed transfixed America and remains the country’s only unsolved air-crime. This terrific Storyville from John Dower picks apart what became a Robin Hood story and hears from retired FBI agents involved the in case, and the friends and family members of a handful of suspects.

To this day no one knows who “DB Cooper” was (or is) and the story still exerts a powerful hold over its army of devotees.


Docudrama telling the tale of one of America's most famous unsolved crimes, which involved a mysterious fugitive, a hijacked aeroplane and a daring mid-air escape. The film brings the stories of four possible suspects to life through candid testimony, archive footage and stylised drama. But who is telling the truth, who is lying and, ultimately, who is DB Cooper?

Cast & Crew

Ron Forman Peter Caulfield
Richard Floyd McCoy John Jesper
Friend Tamsyn Kelly
DB Cooper David Mills
Tina Mucklow Hannah Pauley
Pat Forman Amy Pryke
Director John Dower
Executive Producer Morgan Matthews
Producer Anna Stephens
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