See No Evil

Series 1 - Episode 4 See No Evil



It’s a little careless to have Donald Sutherland in your cast and not use him much, but up until now he has been more or less peripheral in this mesmerising saga. As mega-wealthy Franklin, father of bewildered Grace (Nicole Kidman), he has had the occasional good scene, but tonight I’m glad to say he seizes the spotlight.


Sutherland’s face these days must be a joy to photograph, all planes and ridges and slopes like a skate park, and with those piercing eyes, which tonight fasten on the headmaster at his grandson’s private school. 


In a great scene, Franklin issues a threat with enough chill on it to freeze the guy solid. It’s fabulous to see Sutherland at full tilt, and elsewhere the story is dodging and weaving nicely. Jonathan (Hugh Grant) denies he’s a murderer, but his lawyer tells him: “The scene of the crime is essentially a shrine to your DNA.”


Attorney Haley Fitzgerald begins to shape the narrative of the case and looks into Grace and Jonathan's pasts. Meanwhile, Franklin comes to Henry's defence.