His Dark Materials

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Series 2 - Episode 3 Theft



Episode three features an increase in screen time for Texan aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) – and because he’s essentially Indiana Jones in a hot-air balloon, the pace thankfully quickens. His version of the Nazis is the Magisterium, while everyone’s ark of the covenant remains Lyra, who’s trying to evade capture by running through the streets of Will’s Oxford. Lee, though, doesn’t prove to be as wily and ends up behind bars, where he faces an icy interrogation from Mrs Coulter, who manages to snarl and lash out without smearing her lipstick or dislodging that pillbox hat.

Boreal, too, continues to add menace as he separates Lyra from her alethiometer. Without the warnings that the symbol-reader provides, our young heroine is in danger of walking into a trap of Boreal’s making. And despite having Will to watch her back, it seems the two friends may end up being outmanoeuvred by the sinister, conscience-less Lord. He does, though, have an enviably stylish lair – as all decent screen villains should.


Lyra loses the alethiometer after accepting a lift from Latrom, while Lee Scoresby has an altercation with the strange Dr Haley at the observatory where Grumman used to work and is arrested. In the North, Iorek tells Kaisa that Lyra went through the anomaly, and Mrs Coulter's airship is redirected to Yenisei. Adaptation of Philip Pullman's fantasy adventure novel series, starring Dafne Keen.

Cast & Crew

Lyra Silvertongue Dafne Keen
Will Parry Amir Wilson
Mrs Coulter Ruth Wilson
Col John Parry Andrew Scott
Carlo Boreal Ariyon Bakare
Serafina Pekkala Ruta Gedmintas
Elaine Parry Nina Sosanya
Mary Malone Simone Kirby
Lee Scoresby Lin-Manuel Miranda
Reina Miti Sasha Frost
Angelica Bella Ramsey
Pale-faced man Jamie Wilkes
Iorek Byrnison Joe Tandberg
Voice of Hester Cristela Alonzo
Voice of Pantalaimon Kit Connor
Voice of Kaisa David Suchet
Tullio Lewis MacDougall
Dr Haley Angus Wright
Porter Henry Miller
Sam Cansino Kirsty Besterman
Seal hunter Nigel Cooke
Zoe Julie Hale
Louise Frankie Hervey
Ben Alfie Todd
Adapted By Sarah Quintrell
Adapted By Jack Thorne
Director Leanne Welham
Executive Producer Dan McCulloch
Executive Producer Jane Tranter
Producer Stephen Haren
Series Producer Roopesh Parekh
Writer Philip Pullman
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