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Series 1 - Episode 3 Guy Martin's Supervan



Guy Martin takes another trip down memory lane, so any pedestrians on memory lane had better get out of the way. This time, it’s a van-tastic retrospective looking back at the achievements of his beloved black Transit, which was originally written off in a run-in with a car transporter, then custom engineered into a high-spec, implausibly fast racer. 

Over the next few years, Guy put his pride and joy through several adventures, including a trip to the world’s fastest road race, the Nevada Open Road Challenge, and a run pushing the van to its limits on the Bonneville Salt Flats, before heading to Germany to attempt the lap record at the famously dicey Nürburgring.


The presenter remembers some of the most memorable adventures he has had in his beloved transit van. Guy salvaged the supposedly written-off vehicle after a collision with a car transporter, and transformed it with the aid of custom engineers. He has entered it in the Nevada Open Road Challenge, tested it to its limits on Bonneville Salt Flats, and broken a world record at the Nurburgring in Germany.

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