A Documentary About Despots
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Series 10 - Episode 2 A Documentary About Despots

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Daft tasks, thwarted comedians, mockery: the recipe for this show is simple enough. But we’re starting to notice how social distancing threw a spanner in the works of filming earlier this year. There’s a task tonight that involves one team competing in an escape-room-type treasure hunt before restrictions were applied, and the other team afterwards.

At the time, the show’s creative minds came up with a solution: the distanced team have one member – Johnny Vegas – who retires to an umpire’s chair and makes random loud noises, while his (carefully separated) teammates have no idea if the noises are meant to help. Simple but effective.

Vegas is on great form throughout: the portrait of Greg Davies he manages to assemble using balloons laid on grass belongs somewhere on Sky Arts. And in a task involving an inflatable boat on wheels, Vegas finds a way to propel it using a disco-shimmy of his hips that is a joy to watch.


Alex Horne sets more tricky, puzzling and downright idiotic challenges for the celebrities, before Greg Davies decides who deserves the most points. Highlights include Johnny Vegas yelling from a tall chair, Katherine Parkinson forgetting how balloons work and Richard Herring flailing about in a dinghy. It remains to be seen what Daisy May Cooper and Mawaan Rizan will be doing - but it's unlikely to be dignified.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne
Contestant Johnny Vegas
Contestant Katherine Parkinson
Contestant Daisy May Cooper
Contestant Richard Herring
Contestant Mawaan Rizwan
Executive Producer Alex Horne
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer Rob Aslett
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Executive Producer Andy Devonshire
Series Director Andy Devonshire
Series Producer Andy Cartwright
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