Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview

Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview

Series 1 - Episode 1

Tomorrow 9pm - 10pm Channel 4
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It’s 25 years since the doe eyes of Diana, Princess of Wales were captured looking close to tears on Panorama. An audience of more than 22 million watched her speak out on adultery, her eating disorder and depression in an interview the Queen regarded – at least according to a recent Channel 5 documentary – as “frightful”.

Now, Channel 4 has its say on those blonde bombshells as it presents what is claimed to be “the full story” of that incendiary sit-down chat with Martin Bashir. No previews were available, but we’re promised frank accounts from BBC insiders as well as the dusting down of revealing archive documents.


Piecing together the story behind Diana, Princess of Wales' November 1995 explosive interview with BBC's Panorama, 25 years on from the momentous broadcast. The programmes revelations stunned the world, painted the monarchy as cruel and oppressive, and put its future in jeopardy. Now, insiders at the BBC, and those who knew and worked closely with the Princess, along with archive documents, reveal the truth behind the historic interview.

Cast & Crew

Director Andy Webb
Executive Producer Tom Adams
Executive Producer Dan Chambers