Saving Lives at Sea

Saving Lives at Sea

Series 5 - Episode 5



The best training only gets you so far. Tonight’s helping of heroics from the men and women in yellow includes several moments that are all about instinct and experience.

In Scotland, the Fraserburgh crew get a mayday call: they must find a stricken fishing boat, then get a line attached to her in the middle of a force-eight gale, before towing her back to port with no rudder. Meanwhile, at Loch Ness, Scotland’s only inland lifeboat station, a yacht is perilously lodged on a weir: one wrong move will topple her over.

It’s not all high drama, though: the crew at Minehead race to a boat trapped in the Bristol Channel to rescue a puppy who has swallowed a fishing hook.


The Fraserburgh crew race to save a stricken fishing boat without a working rudder in a force-eight gale. On Loch Ness, a yacht becomes trapped on a weir, and one wrong move by the lifeboat crew could send it over the edge. On the north Devon coast, the Minehead crew comes to the aid of a puppy that has swallowed a fishing hook.

Cast & Crew

Director Phil Broadhurst
Director Luke Proctor
Executive Producer Sarah Spencer
Series Producer Alex Raw