Trump's Coronavirus Catastrophe

Trump's Coronavirus Catastrophe

Series 1 - Episode 1



At the time of writing, President Donald Trump had just described his own Covid-19 diagnosis as being “a blessing from God”. I’m not sure what kind of almighty power the Commander in Chief is praying to or whether relatives of the 212,000 people who’ve died from the virus in the US would agree with him. But the pandemic has certainly become one of the major defining events of his administration and one that’s dominated his febrile (in every sense of the word) campaign for re-election.

This state-of-America doc takes a look at the horrifying statistics and examines what effect Trump’s efforts to “play down” the threat from Covid have had on his country.


Matt Frei investigates the president's policies, actions and decisions during the pandemic, which has cost more than 200,000 American lives. There are revelations gathered from months of conversations with White House advisers and insiders, whistle-blowers, politicians who have worked with Trump and leading US scientists, as well as loyal Trump supporters.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Matt Frei
Director Richard Sanders
Executive Producer Eamonn Matthews
Producer Richard Sanders