The Singapore Grip

Survival Instinct

Series 1 - Episode 6 Survival Instinct

Sunday 1:25am - 1:15am ITV (only STV Central, STV North)


The Japanese are swarming into Singapore, making their brutal presence felt with a string of atrocities. But the British forces have their orders direct from Churchill – stay put and fight on, even though defeat is certain.

The Singapore Grip, which ends tonight, remains a strange thing, oddly uninvolving most of the time, yet occasionally absorbing with combat scenes that are visceral and horribly immediate.

As Matthew (Luke Treadaway) hunts for his beloved Vera (Elizabeth Tan) after their futile attempts to flee to safety, wily rubber king Walter (David Morrissey) faces a world in flames, his livelihood in ruins. Though he is bizarrely optimistic: “War is just a passing phase in business life.”


Despite heavy casualties, the British are instructed to continue fighting at all costs. Walter's grip on reality weakens, and Matthew becomes his unlikely saviour. Aware that Vera is also in imminent danger, he rushes to save her and escape from Singapore, but, just as they are reunited, fresh trouble awaits. David Morrissey stars. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Walter Blackett David Morrissey
Vera Chiang Elizabeth Tan
Matthew Webb Luke Treadaway
The Major Colm Meaney
Francois Dupigney Christophe Guybet
General Percival Richard Lumsden
Cheong Danny Yeo
Robin Turner Bradley Hall
Mr Wu Dave Tan
Mohamed Yusri Saleh
Chinese doctor Eric Chen
Bowser Barrington John Bowe
General Wavell Mark Tandy
Sir Shenton Martin Wenner
Major Singh Phaldut Sharma
Bruce Cameron Brown
Brooke Popham aide Ed Birch
Orderly George Atkinson
Australian Sergeant Joseph Ju Taylor
Director Tom Vaughan
Executive Producer Christopher Hampton
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Karen Thrussell
Producer Farah Abushwesha
Writer Christopher Hampton
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