The Bridge

Series 1 - Episode 2



It’s day three on the rainy lake where 12 volunteers are striving to build a bridge with muscle power and hope. So far they have built around 30 feet of rickety structure: they need more like 850, and they're having to lash the heavy wooden beams together with rope. If only they had some nails?

Ah yes, but the producers have presented potential lovebirds Luke and Maura with a slippery, reality-TV dilemma. Placing their consciences in a vice, it asked them to choose between taking a bucket of nails back to the camp – or pocketing £5,000 each. We discover which course they decided on, while another contestant sums up the big picture as, “Bad news: we’re idiots.”


Plumber Luke and hotel entertainer Maura return from their clandestine overnight mission with a huge secret that could jeopardise the bridge build. As bad weather and dubious construction methods hamper the team's progress, Zac's leadership is called into question. With the team way behind schedule, two new arrivals make a surprise entry into the camp.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Warren Smith
Series Director Ben Hirsch
Series Producer Lucie Rake
Series Producer Cassie Bennett