Boswell & Johnson's Scottish Road Trip

Boswell & Johnson's Scottish Road Trip

Series 1 - Episode 2



When Samuel Johnson visited Scotland in 1773 with James Boswell, he was full of prejudice about the place and its people, which even super-fan Frank Skinner, who’s retracing his steps, finds hard to justify. And Skinner’s travelling companion, novelist Denise Mina, is having none of it. As he reads Johnson’s description of the Highlands as “a country on which no wheel had ever rolled”, she loudly scoffs, “What a load of nonsense!”

At Loch Ness, Boswell hoped that Johnson would be awed by the scenery. But he was disappointed by his ever-rational friend, or, as Skinner describes him, “the type who’d correct your postcard before you sent it”. Skinner and Mina are having a lot more fun.


Frank Skinner and Denise Mina continue their journey by boat and by horse through Scotland, following in the footsteps of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson's grand tour of 1773.