John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue

John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue

Series 1 - Episode 1



It only takes a minute for animal lover John Bishop to fall in love with Little White and Little Grey, two beluga whales that for ten years have been putting on shows to entertain audiences in Shanghai. To be fair, they are surprisingly cute. However, although they’re well cared for and much loved, it’s been decided to move them to a sanctuary in Iceland to live a more natural life.
Obviously, transporting them halfway across the world is never going to be easy. In this Free Willy story, Bishop shares the many ups and downs of this massive animal rescue task and some truly heart-warming moments.


Part one of two. The comedian follows the journey of two beluga whales being released from captivity in an entertainment park in China and returned to the ocean. John's mission starts when he flies to Shanghai and visits the Beluga Theatre at Changfeng Park, where Little Grey and Little White have spent every day for the last 10 years performing for the crowds.

Cast & Crew

Presenter John Bishop
Executive Producer John Bishop
Executive Producer Grant Mansfield
Executive Producer Martha Holmes
Executive Producer Seb Illis
Executive Producer Gillian Elisa Thomas
Series Director Steven Clarke
Series Producer Steven Clarke
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