Les Dawson's Parisienne Adventure: Urban Myths

Les Dawson's Parisienne Adventure: Urban Myths

Series 4



Paris in 1953. The city of artists, dreamers, poets – and a young Les Dawson. It’s the starting point for this cheeky mini-drama by Steve Pemberton, based on Dawson’s (dubious) claim that he worked as a pianist in a left-bank brothel while trying to write a novel.

Pemberton imagines a young Dawson, down on his luck, being inspired to make the leap into comedy by a drunken encounter with Jean-Paul Sartre (played by Pemberton). The older Dawson (played by Mark Addy, who else?) reflects on his early failures: “My literary endeavours were going downhill faster than a rabbit on a promise…” It’s a sweet reflection on talent and struggle with the joyous subtitle Les, Miserable.


The much-loved stand-up comedian flees to Paris in the mid-1960s to pursue his dream of becoming a novelist, but winds up becoming a pianist in a brothel. The comedy anthology returns with an instalment written by and starring Steve Pemberton, with Mark Addy and John Bradley.