God's Haemorrhoid

Series 10 - Episode 1 God's Haemorrhoid



What’s this? Surely Taskmaster is a Dave show, the most Dave-ish show of all, a show so Dave its previous nine series were on Dave? Well, Channel 4 has snatched UKTV’s chocolate, like a big bully – or bought the rights, in the panel-show version of nicking Bake Off from the BBC.

But don’t worry, it’s still the show we love, albeit with added social distance. Greg Davies still hosts like a cruel comedy god mocking the efforts of other comedians to perform tricky tasks. Setting those tasks is the show’s whizzkid Alex Horne and tackling them is a terrific panel, including This Country’s Daisy May Cooper, who spends so much of the first episode in helpless hysterics, clutching her pregnant torso, you worry she’ll give birth early.

She also wears a fabulous superhero outfit, complete with gold cape. Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring all get into their stride with tasks involving beer, a phone box, making things vanish and eggs.


The award-winning celebrity challenge comes to Channel 4, with Greg Davies as the all-powerful Taskmaster and Alex Horne (the show's creator) as his sidekick, setting all manner of perplexing and downright extraordinary tasks for five contestants from the comedy world - Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Daisy May Cooper, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring. They'll be facing giant bears, disappearing cows and flying eggs as they begin their campaign to win the ultimate prize - Greg's golden head.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne
Contestant Johnny Vegas
Contestant Katherine Parkinson
Contestant Daisy May Cooper
Contestant Richard Herring
Contestant Mawaan Rizwan
Executive Producer Alex Horne
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer Rob Aslett
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Executive Producer Andy Devonshire
Series Director Andy Devonshire
Series Producer Andy Cartwright
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