Linda McCartney Retrospective

Series 1 - Episode 1 Linda McCartney Retrospective



An enticing new series on Sky Arts (now on freeview, don’t forget) sees Artist of the Year judge Kate Bryan roaming the UK in search of temporary installations. This week she visits Liverpool for an exhibition of Linda McCartney photographs at the Walker Art Gallery, which runs until 1 November.

The variety and quality of shots is soon apparent, from the hero poses of Joplin and Hendrix and unique glimpses of the city to relaxed scenes of her own family and the more political statements of her later work.

Bryan chats with curators, artist/friend Brian Clarke and daughter Mary McCartney, who speak of Linda’s knack for sharing the moment — or “opening doors for people to walk through”.


Art expert Kate Bryan presents a behind-the-scenes look at a major exhibition of Linda McCartney's iconic photography at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.