Police Suspect No 1

Police Suspect No 1

Series 1 - Episode 1



Violent crimes are met with low-key, patient policework as we track an investigation in Norwich. This series is in the vein of the excellent 24 Hours in Police Custody, but without the added (slightly forced) jeopardy of the ticking clock.

It’s June 2019 and a violent series of attacks unfolds across south Norfolk. A woman is carjacked at knifepoint by two men, who later abandon her Mini on farmland and fire a shotgun through the door of a rural home, forcing the terrified owners to give them the key to another car, before escaping just as police arrive. Two suspects are arrested, but the evidence against one looks thin. Can they pressurise him in the interview room?


Documentary following the work of police officers and detectives as they attempt to identify those responsible for criminal acts, exploring the intricacies of producing irrefutable evidence, conducting interviews and finding ways to make the guilty confess. The first edition focuses on an armed robbery in Norfolk in which a vehicle is stolen and innocent people are shot.

Cast & Crew

Director Piers Sanderson
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Executive Producer Xander Brinkworth
Producer Piers Sanderson
Series Director Dollan Cannell
Series Producer Dollan Cannell
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