Only Fools and Horses

To Hull and Back

Series 4 - Episode 8 To Hull and Back



Del-Boy enters the import trade after striking a deal with Boycie to fetch a consignment of dodgy diamonds across from Holland, and ropes in Rodney and Uncle Albert to help. Their plans are jeopardised when old foe Chief Inspector Slater picks up the Trotters' trail. Feature-length episode of the comedy, guest starring Jim Broadbent, with David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield.

Cast & Crew

Del-Boy Trotter David Jason
Rodney Trotter Nicholas Lyndhurst
Uncle Albert Buster Merryfield
Slater Jim Broadbent
Boycie John Challis
Abdul Tony Anholt
Denzil Paul Barber
Trigger Roger Lloyd Pack
Hoskins Christopher Mitchell
Mike Kenneth MacDonald
Vicky Kim Clifford
Teddy Johnny Wade
Ruby Annie Leake
Sid Roy Heather
Colin Mark Burdis
PC Parker Jeff Stevenson
Lil Rachel Bell
Smuggler Jane Thompson
Bridge Attendant Alan Hulse
Director Ray Butt
Producer Ray Butt
Writer John Sullivan
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