Atlantic: A Year in the Wild


Series 1 - Episode 1 Winter



David Suchet’s deep thespian vowels give this nature series its weight, and they’re particularly welcome as we tour Scotland, Norway and Iceland for an episode dedicated to winter. While the marine wildlife struggles not to freeze or starve, Suchet makes us feel like we’re in a firelit armchair, sipping Armagnac and nibbling fudge.

It’s a pleasing plethora of animals, from seals, arctic foxes and otters at the coast to orca and whales in the ocean, terrorising shoals of herring. Perhaps the finest example of the programme’s bleak majesty is a sequence of increasingly large Orkney birds trying to tear up a frozen deer carcass, all of them failing until a white eagle floats in. A moment to savour – Suchet certainly sounds like he is


Stretching from the Antarctic in the south to the Arctic in the north, the Atlantic Ocean is vast, wild and unforgiving and each season brings new challenges for its indigenous creatures. Atlantic winters bring bitter storms, suffering and conflict. Animals that spend the frozen months here must be ready to face its fierce onslaught as short days make it difficult to find enough food in time. However, while most are battling to survive, some are just starting to raise a family.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Emily Dalton
Series Producer Duncan Chard