Brain Surgeons: Between Life and Death

Brain Surgeons: Between Life and Death

Series 1 - Episode 1



Matthew, aged 12, has a rare tumour deep in his mid-brain near his pineal gland, an area that affects sight, muscle function, hearing and sensation, and is about to undergo a lengthy – and risky – operation at the Neurological Centre in Southampton.
For the surgeons, every operation gives them the opportunity to learn more about the mysterious goings-on inside our heads. For Matthew, it is, quite simply, life-changing. There was no preview available, but as the programme follows the surgeons’ attempt to save Matthew’s life, it may not be one for the sensitive.


Documentary following patients undergoing life-changing brain surgery at the Neurological Centre in Southampton - one of Britain's foremost neurosurgical units, where some of the most difficult and complex operations in the country are performed. Twelve-year-old Matthew faces a gruelling two-day operation to remove an extremely rare tumour deep in his mid-brain, next to his pineal gland. This is a region key to the functioning of sight, muscles, hearing and sensation. With access to the hospital's team of leading paediatric surgeons, the programme follows the doctors' attempts at a delicate and risky operation, which could save Matthew's life.
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