Pilgrims v Corkscrews

Series 16 - Episode 1 Pilgrims v Corkscrews



The cold hand of Covid-19 has reached into the Only Connect studio as the 16th series arrives on our screens. But not even the icy grip of a worldwide pandemic can spoil our favourite quiz show.
Team members are separated by perspex screens, but the warm good humour remains firmly in place as host Victoria Coren Mitchell welcomes everyone to the new world of Only Connect from a safe social distance.
Tonight’s opening edition is a tremendous contest between Boston United FC fans the Pilgrims and wine-lovers the Corkscrews. “Anyone who has been to a party or significant social gathering is banned from the studio,” says Coren Mitchell in her introduction. “Now let’s meet the teams!”
It’s a gentle and inclusive little joke, very much in the spirit of the show, and everyone is simply delighted just to be in the studio. Welcome back, Only Connect, life hasn’t been the same without you.


New series. Victoria Coren Mitchell presents the return of the quiz show based on patience and lateral thinking, in which successful contestants make connections between things that at first do not appear to be linked. In the first edition, a trio of Boston United fans known as the Pilgrims take on the Corkscrews - a team of wine lovers.

Cast & Crew

Host Victoria Coren Mitchell
Director Sian G Lloyd
Producer Jenny Heap