Jimmy's Big Bee Rescue

Jimmy's Big Bee Rescue

Series 1 - Episode 1



Jimmy Doherty embarks on a noble undertaking. He wants to educate us on the threat to wild bees and start initiatives to help them. Wild bees, note, not honey bees. We’re told that of the 250 species in the UK (yes, 250!) all but 20 or so are solitary bees that nest in small holes and burrows.

Honey bees often have human help, but wild bees are on their own, relying on flower nectar in a landscape where we destroyed 98% of wildflower habitat in the 20th century.

One answer is re-seeding "bee corridors" in cities and on farmland. It makes you wonder, why should farms be the only type of business having to shave a chunk off their income for the good of the planet?


Part one of two. Jimmy Doherty leads a project to stem the decline of Britain's bee population, recruiting farmers, council planners and residents of Peterborough to join him in a new conservation project. In the first episode, Jimmy discovers the reasons for the reduced numbers, considers the results of a mass bee count across Peterborough and the surrounding countryside, and organises a plan to plant thousands of wildflowers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jimmy Doherty
Executive Producer Ross Harper
Series Producer Paul Bithrey