Restoration Workshop

Restoration Workshop

Series 1 - Episode 4



It would be useful to have even a fraction of Gary Wallis’s transformative vision. In tonight’s edition, he rescues a hunk of driftwood while wombling around on the beach. To most people it would be little more than flotsam. To Gary, it’s a future garden bench. 

He’s also making good use of the things that he finds at Kempton Park Autojumble, where he makes an offer on a battered vintage Moto Guzzi motorbike. 

He’s not planning on riding it, though: the goal is to transform the bike, a rockers’ favourite in the 1960s, into a display piece. It’s inspiring to see what a splash of spray paint and a lick of lacquer can do.


Gary Wallis visits Kempton Park Autojumble. He buys a tired vintage Moto Guzzi bike and transforms it into stunning display piece.