Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Britannia Waives the Rules

Series 4 - Episode 1 Britannia Waives the Rules



The lads find themselves in a tight spot after a job turns to disaster in Russia. Penniless and desperate to go home, they visit the British Embassy, where news filters through of a department that allows men to travel the world fixing up British Government property. Oz's criminal past comes back to haunt them and threatens to ruin their chances, but, thankfully, Neville has friends in high places who save the day.

Cast & Crew

Dennis Tim Healy
Barry Timothy Spall
Neville Kevin Whately
Oz Jimmy Nail
Bomber Pat Roach
Moxey Christopher Fairbank
Wyman Noel Clarke
Brenda Hope Julia Tobin
Tatiana Taylor Branka Katic
Heather Lane Sara Stewart
Colin Vanes Dominic Jephcott
Chrissie Sandra James-Young
Writer Dick Clement
Writer Ian La Frenais
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