Possession Obsession

Series 6 - Episode 4 Possession Obsession



Mr Malone holds a mock trial to resolve a dispute Martha and Ollie are having over the ownership of Edison, a cuddly lightbulb they won together at a fairground hoopla. Rufus is appointed Ollie’s ineffective lawyer. (His amenability is something his girlfriend Kat finds very frustrating). Lily is Martha’s disappointing lawyer - whilst promising an epic opening statement, Lily makes it all about Rob being in America. Ollie asks Martha to prove she can throw a hoop on target. Martha objects, but Judge Kat insists that it will be amusing to witness Martha throw hoops. Martha applies the scientific calculations she gave to Ollie to help him win Edison, but she still fails to throw a hoop successfully. Ollie nears victory when the court adjourns because Mr Malone is hungry. Later, whilst Rufus admits to Kat that he doesn’t feel he is cut out to be a lawyer, he offers Kat the largest slice of cake even though he wants it. This infuriates Kat. She tells Rufus that he needs to be less easy-going. As soon as Rufus accepts he has to change, he spots fresh evidence amidst the legal paperwork which will turn the case on its head. Back in court Rufus proves that the stallholder made a mistake and that Edison should never have been awarded to Martha and Ollie. He commands that the court award joint custody of Edison to Martha and Ollie. Rufus dramatically sweeps out of the court. Kat is impressed. Jas and Sid attempt to give all their stuff away, but getting rid of ‘unnecessary baggage’ is harder than they anticipate. Sid makes a stand when Jas gives away his guitar.