Condor: Not Necessarily to Lose

Condor: Not Necessarily to Lose

Series 2

Mon 1 Feb 3:10am - 4am RTÉ One
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Mon 1 Feb, 4:10am - 5am RTÉ One +1


It may mosey around a bit while it’s setting up the story for each series, but this spy thriller certainly knows how to capitalise on all the little twists and betrayals.

Last week, the death dance between the Americans and the Russians came to a head, but tonight, as the finale begins, Joe (Max Irons) still doesn’t know where everyone’s loyalties lie, and Kat (Isidora Goreshter) isn’t sure about her own.

Things get worse before they get better. As an intelligence agent in a television drama, it’s safe to say that finding yourself slapping a fresh corpse in the face, pleading with it to divulge a traitor’s identity, is a classic sign that your plan hasn’t quite come off.


Joe discovers the identity of the traitor and an old adversary makes a visit to senior CIA operative Reuel Abbott. Spy thriller, starring Max Irons.

Cast & Crew

Joe Turner Max Irons
Robin Larkin Constance Zimmer
Vasili Sirin Alexei Bondar
Kat Gnezdy Isidora Goreshter
Mae Barber Kristen Hager
Tracy Crane Eric Johnson
Volk Jonathan Kells Phillips
Eva Piper Rose Rollins
Reuel Abbott Bob Balaban
Gabrielle Joubert Leem Lubany
Sam Barber Jr Sam McCarthy
Anders Crane Sean Grandillo
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