Series 1 - Episode 3 Revolt



This French series unfurls quite unabashed at its absurd premise that “Mother Nature is reclaiming what is rightfully hers” at the sea resort Brizan. With almost no media attention, the landscape has been transformed so that the lighthouse now stands in a mature forest, while some locals have turned into “messengers from nature”, according to quack healer Faust Ketchak, whose son Mathieu suddenly has healing hands for real.
But what is the significance of the turquoise goo oozing from the ground? Terribly serious science teacher Ben is distracted from his sexual dalliances long enough to investigate and what he deduces could have dire consequences for his ex-wife Lena.
The Last Waves’ eco-messages are shouted in broad daylight, and as the silliness and tension vie for supremacy, you’ll either be moving to the edge of your seat or snorting quelle horreur!


A tidal wave has carried Brizan's lighthouse into the forest and an arm of the sea has split the small town in two, a spectacle Lena foresaw in her dreams. The inhabitants panic, but Faust Ketchak sees it as a punishment against the devastating behaviour of people, while Lena and Ben uncover pollution on Brizan's construction site. In French.

Cast & Crew

Marianne Lewen Lola Dewaere
Mathieu Ketchak Theo Christine
Faust Ketchak Guillaume Cramoisan
Yael Lebon Capucine Valmary
Ben Lebon David Kammenos
Lena Lebon Marie Dompnier
Juliette Dubrovski Alexia Barlier
Director Rodolphe Tissot
Writer Alexis Le Sec
Writer Raphaelle Roudaut
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