The Dissonant Interval - Part One

Series 4 - Episode 21 The Dissonant Interval - Part One



Part one of two. The crew encounters the Arkology, a society that believes so strongly in peace, its existence is threatened by its refusal to fight ruthless invaders.

Cast & Crew

Capt Dylan Hunt Kevin Sorbo
Beka Valentine Lisa Ryder
Seamus Harper Gordon Michael Woolvett
Telemachus Rhade Steve Bacic
Trance Gemini Laura Bertram
Andromeda Ascendant Lexa Doig
Marlowe Blu Mankuma
Louisa Messereau Marjorie Monaghan
Ambassador Galdamez Michael St John Smith
Arkology member Fraser Aitcheson
Ark person John MacDonald
Director Martin Wood
Writer Larry Barber
Writer Paul Barber
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