Grace of Monaco: Hollywood Princess

Grace of Monaco: Hollywood Princess


The story of Grace Kelly, the beautiful actress who gave up Hollywood to marry a prince and tragically died at the age of 52 in a dramatic car crash, could almost be a Hollywood film itself. Long before Diana and Meghan Markle, Princess Grace of Monaco was considered the epitome of glamour, style and elegance.
There was no preview of this documentary at the time of writing but it promises not only to chart her acting career – which included films like Rear Window and High Society – but to explore whether she was truly happy in her royal life or whether she yearned to return to acting.


Documentary exploring the life of Grace Kelly, examining her transition from Oscar-winning Hollywood star to marrying into one of the world's most closely observed royal families. The programme examines her feelings concerning this change, questioning if she ever longed to return to the screen. Featuring rarely seen archive footage and insider interviews.

Cast & Crew

Director Judith Ahern
Director Simon Harries
Director Liv Witt
Executive Producer Andy Dunn
Executive Producer Ian Rumsey
Producer Judith Ahern
Producer Simon Harries
Producer Liv Witt
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