Walking Britain's Roman Roads: Watling Street

Walking Britain's Roman Roads: Watling Street

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When the invading Romans were building Watling Street through Kent their first major obstacle was the River Medway at Rochester. Little now remains of the road or the bridge there – or does it? In 2016 building work in a shop basement uncovered something extraordinary: ancient paving stones beneath the floor – a stretch of the 2000-year-old road that these days supports a tattoo artist’s chair.

Dan Jones visits that and other points of interest in the course of his history lesson. We also witness the workings of a groma, the simple but effective surveying instrument – lead weights hanging from crosspieces – that Roman builders used to ensure streets joined at right angles.


Dan Jones explores Britain's Roman roads, beginning with the country's oldest and longest, which runs from the Kent coast to Shropshire and passes through key sites of Emperor Claudius' invasion and Boudicca's rebellion.

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Presenter Dan Jones