As the Pig Turns

Series 3 - Episode 4 As the Pig Turns



If you were worried by the absence of Roy (Mathew Horne) last week, then there’s good news: he’s back – and so are his double entendres. Every line of his dialogue has a filthy connotation, to the extent that you expect him to look to camera and exclaim, with Frankie Howerd-esque mock disgust, “Shut your face” or “No, missus”. And he’s certainly provided with plenty of inspiration this week, when a winter fayre roast ends with a dismembered torso on the spit where a hog would normally be (“titter ye not!”).
As an investigation is launched, Aggie competes against a newly promoted Bill Wong as they race to unmask the killer. But who will come first (don’t go there, Roy!) – the official force or the plucky amateur?


To take her mind off her breakup, Agatha and the gang visit a fayre, but it is not long before the innocuous event becomes a crime scene.