Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

British Columbia, Canada

Series 12 - Episode 6 British Columbia, Canada



“Come back,” they always say to Ben as they wave him off. “I will,” he always replies as he slings his backpack over his shoulder and trundles into the sunrise. So it’s good to see him honouring at least some of those promises, even if nothing much has changed in the intervening years.

Tonight it’s all wood and white water, as he returns to Canada to relive a memorable stay in bear country, with former war journalist Julius Strauss and his partner Kristin. And with such spectacular scenery, not to mention a cosy wood cabin to kip in, you can see why he fancied coming back. The big question is, will they spot any grizzlies this time?


Ben Fogle revisits former war correspondent Julius Strauss and his wife Kristin, who live in British Columbia. Their home is in the middle of a mountainous region that is home to grizzly bears, and on his first visit, Ben was shocked to discover the impact hunting had on the animals. Years later, the couple's campaigning has helped introduce new protections, but now a new problem has arisen - wildfires during the dry summer months. They must engage in constant fire drills to be prepared in the event of a blaze.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Director Sean McDonnell
Executive Producer Natalie Wilkinson
Producer Sean McDonnell