Love from Hell

Series 3 - Episode 3 Love from Hell



Tonight’s story, The Love from Hell, is an improvement on the first two cases of this series, mainly because it takes the central mystery more seriously and features higher stakes for the regular characters. In particular, it’s James (Jamie Glover) who is put in real jeopardy when, following a row with Aggie (Ashley Jensen), he ends up vanishing. And what’s more, he’s left a trail of blood and a dead body behind him.
With the police and the employees of the detective agency all on his tail, we’re invited to wonder just how involved James is in this suspicious death – and also, whether his relationship with Agatha can survive the ordeal. With one episode to go following this, let’s hope the new high standard can be sustained.


When James vanishes after a blazing row with Agatha leaving behind only a trail of blood and a dead body, everyone is left fearing the worst and it is up to the detective to find out what really happened and bring her friend home safely. Mystery, starring Ashley Jensen.

Cast & Crew

Agatha Raisin Ashley Jensen
James Lacey Jamie Glover