Kingdom of the Mummies

Servants of the Serpent Goddess

Series 1 - Episode 4 Servants of the Serpent Goddess



Yet more surprises are in store for the Egyptologists working on the impressive mummification complex dating to around 600BC deep underground at Saqqara. In the final episode of what’s been a genuinely fascinating look at modern archaeological process and ancient practice, what are Dr Ramadan Hussein and his team (including his endlessly inventive local workforce) to make of two sarcophagi placed at right angles to each other in a small chamber? Indications are that they’re both priests of an obscure minor goddess in the Egyptian pantheon, but their mummies indicate they had significant wealth when they died. But why are they here? And more importantly, are they who their coffins say they are?


In the deepest level of the tomb, Dr Ramadan Hussein and his team discover two priests buried side by side. But something doesn't quite add up.