The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys

Sri Lanka

Series 2 - Episode 7 Sri Lanka

Friday 9:10am - 10:10am 5SELECT


One of the joys of these lovely programmes is meeting the dapper, immensely proud stationmasters from around the world who take the utmost pride in keeping their often tiny domains immaculate.

The white-uniformed gentleman who looks after little Ella station high in the hills of Sri Lanka closes his platforms to the public every morning to ensure every inch is swept, washed and polished. Even the plants are watered assiduously.

The busy train from the city of Colombo to the beautiful Nine Arch Bridge stops at many dinky stations like Ella, which largely accounts for the delightful slowness of the trip, along with seemingly endless waits in sidings on single tracks as other engines pass.


Bill Nighy narrates a train journey across Sri Lanka along one of the world's best-preserved Victorian railways. The trip begins in the coastal city of Colombo and moves on to the country's cultural and spiritual heart in Kandy. The journey continues through a a very English town that produces some of the world's finest teas, coming to a stop at a hill station surrounded by tropical forests close to one of the world's most spectacular viaducts - the Nine Arch Bridge.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Bill Nighy
Director Ross Young
Executive Producer Tom Porter
Producer Ross Young
Series Producer Clare Fisher
Nature Lifestyle