Lost And Found

Series 1 - Episode 2 Lost And Found



Criminal-turned-crimesolver Cat Chambers is a “badass”. We know this because everyone keeps telling her so. But, unfortunately, Cat’s badassery is now getting on the nerves of the local police officers because she’s plainly smarter than all of them. Even at this early stage, we can predict how each episode will pan out, with Cat’s wiles inevitably proving to be more effective than the by-the-book attitude of the official force. But despite the formula, this is undemanding Friday-night froth. And I love the retro opening narration from star Poppy Montgomery at the top of the show – it’s the kind of thing that always puts me in mind of 1980s’ action-adventure fare like Hart to Hart.


When modern-day pirates hijack a yacht and steal a laptop containing information that could take down the governor, Cat jumps into action and finds more than she expected.