Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



If there was an award for 2020’s Best Dramatic TV Grin, the winner would be Michael Sheen. Mere months after flashing glow-in-the-dark teeth while playing Chris Tarrant in Quiz, Sheen is back displaying an altogether more sinister smile as serial killer Dr Martin Whitly. This new creation is a Hannibal Lecter type: imprisoned, intelligent, insane. But rather than Clarice Starling turning up to seek help, Martin is instead seen by his profiler son Malcolm (Tom Payne), who’s there to get assistance with the crimes he’s investigating from a man who’s committed so many of his own.

Malcolm, understandably, has severe daddy issues - In fact, he has to manacle himself to his bed each night due to the severity of his nightmares (Father’s Day, I imagine, must be particularly stressful). But the pair seem to need each other, and while tonight’s opening case is standard US police procedural fare, the family dynamics are so peculiar and loaded with menace that I was certainly left wanting to book in another prison visit.


New series. Former FBI criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright is hired by the NYPD as a consultant to help find a killer, but discovers similarities to the MO of his father Martin Whitley, an incarcerated serial killer known as the Surgeon. Malcolm decides to visit his father for the first time in 10 years for help identifying the culprit. Starring Tom Payne and Michael Sheen.

Cast & Crew

Malcolm Bright Tom Payne
Martin Whitly Michael Sheen
Gil Arroyo Lou Diamond Phillips
Ainsley Whitly Halston Sage
Dani Powell Aurora Perrineau
JT Tarmel Frank Harts
Dr Edrisa Tanaka Keiko Agena
Jessica Whitly Bellamy Young
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