We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together

Series 1 - Episode 3



The things that make this crime drama a bit too wonky for a main channel are the same things that make it interesting. The usual shape of a police procedural is that cops catch killers and restore the moral order. Here, though, our mismatched cops share screen-time with the two apprentice killers; none of them is obviously the lead; and each of them has shady secrets.

When bright-eyed manipulator Freddy is questioned over the murders she says sweetly, “Some people just have a darkness inside them, you can feel it,” and looks hard at troubled cop Lola while she says it. Meanwhile, she and partner-in-crime Baba must decide what to do with another body.


Freddy and Baba flee the city with victim number three in the boot of the car, while Jackson and Lola make a breakthrough over a cup of green tea.