Old, Alone and Stuck at Home

Old, Alone and Stuck at Home


Lockdown can be hard for everyone, though it is tougher for some than for others. When Boris Johnson announced his emergency measures at the start of the battle against Covid-19, it was people aged over 70 and those made vulnerable by health issues who were advised to go home and to stay there, for months.
As the first chinks of light start to emerge and the peak is passed, there’s a suggestion that, at some point, lockdown might be eased. But probably not for these groups. In this documentary, older men and women tell their own stories about a life in lockdown and how they are adapting to a new way of living.


As the country prepares for the easing of lockdown, this documentary tells the stories of the elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis, for whom lockdown may continue for many more months. Featuring people from all over the nation and filmed on location, their stories convey the immense challenge of being especially vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic. Suzanne, who has terminal cancer, has come up with a novel approach to seeing her friends, while Desmond has been forced to move in with his daughter and granddaughter to avoid the virus, which has already taken the lives of at least four of his friends.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Imelda Staunton
Director Angie Mason
Director Nick Green
Executive Producer James Rogan
Producer Angie Mason
Producer Nick Green
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