The Architecture The Railways Built

The Architecture The Railways Built

Series 1 - Episode 5



If this joyful and informative series isn’t one of your lockdown treats, then it really should be because it’s a delight to revel in the small pleasures shown us by jolly presenter, historian Tim Dunn.

He goes to Great Malvern station in Worcestershire to explore its unexpected beauties, including stone columns decorated with elaborate carvings and ornate metalwork renderings of flowers and foliage. And he finds a surprise – a remarkable corrugated iron structure known as the Worm.

Dunn also takes us home to meet his mum and dad, though this isn’t just a visit from a dutiful son. The Dunns are true Metro-Landers, dwellers of a remarkable rail/building project that opened up London’s suburbs to families.


Tim Dunn follows his family's roots by exploring Metroland, the area around the Metropolitan Railway, and in Great Malvern learns about the woman behind a decorative 1860s station.