State of Happiness

Party at the Esso Motor Hotel

Series 1 - Episode 7 Party at the Esso Motor Hotel



It feels strange that tonight sees the end of this winning Norwegian drama. The plot has barely got started; it’s as if we’re seeing the early chapters in a much longer story. And sure enough, a second series is in the works, set to pick up the story in 1977.

But for now, we’re in 72. Pipe-smoking Arne has become mayor of Stavanger. Toril’s son is now a toddler. And the wedding between Anna and Christian is (still!) a few weeks away – and their relationship as loveless as ever – while her charming Texan hovers in the wings.

The script hangs about in smoke-filled rooms with men in suits talking about drilling blocks, but all we really care about is Anna’s future.


Mayor Rettedal uses unorthodox methods to get Stavanger elected as the oil capital of Norway, while Anna does something she regrets at a party at the Esso Motor Hotel, and Toril reaches out to Bengt Hamre. In Norwegian and English.

Cast & Crew

Anna Hellevik Anne Regine Ellingsaeter
Jonathan Kay Bart Edwards
Christian Nyman Amund Harboe
Toril Torstensen Malene Wadel
Fredrik Nyman Per Kjerstad
Ingrid Nyman Pia Tjelta
Arne Rettedal Vegar Hoel
Bengt Hamre Kim Atle Hansen
Director Petter Naess
Director Pal Jackman
Writer Mette M Bolstad
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