Series 34 - Episode 34



Casualty has obviously taken a lot of time to stage a full-on wrestling match, which ends up being the scene of tonight’s accident. But, because they’ve made such an effort, the production team seems to think that we need to watch most of the bout before we get to the bit that most of us pay our entry money for each week: the blood and guts.

Once the action shifts back to the hospital, time proves to be an issue there as well. In particular, the hours the medics seem able to spend on a single patient. You’d have thought they’d be rushed off their feet, but Jade’s (Gabriella Leon) shift involves her reconnecting with a former boyfriend, while the ever-earnest Jacob (Charles Venn) makes an unexpected friend as he once again tries to heal society’s wounds.


Medical drama series set in the emergency department of Holby General Hospital.

Cast & Crew

Jade Lovall Gabriella Leon
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Fenisha Khatri Olivia D'Lima
Marty Kirkby Shaheen Jafargholi
Will Noble Jack Nolan
Faith Cadogan Kirsty Mitchell
Lev Malinovsky Uriel Emil
Jan Jenning Di Botcher
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Malc Deniston Connor Bryson
Nate Mollett Tim Pritchett
Lizzie Deniston Sapphire Joy
Ring Announcer Neil Hurst
Director Alex Jacob
Producer Rebecca Hedderly
Writer Rachel Aird
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