Are You Being Served?

Is It Catching?

Series 8 - Episode 1 Is It Catching?



Mr Humphries catches a rare and contagious tropical disease - and it is not long before his workmates are getting on each other's nerves even more than usual while quarantined from the outside world. Vintage comedy, starring Mollie Sugden, John Inman and Frank Thornton.

Cast & Crew

Mr Humphries John Inman
Mrs Slocombe Mollie Sugden
Capt Peacock Frank Thornton
Miss Brahms Wendy Richard
Mr Rumbold Nicholas Smith
Mr Harman Arthur English
Young Mr Grace Harold Bennett
Mr Spooner Mike Berry
Old Mr Grace Kenneth Waller
Nurse Vivienne Johnson
Canteen Manageress Doremy Vernon
Mr Grossman Milo Sperber
Director John Kilby
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer David Croft
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