The Bay

Series 2 - Episode 5



It’s hard not to feel sorry for DI Tony Manning. Not only is wife Ellen telling him that she wants a divorce, but he’s also getting the hairdryer treatment from his superior officer. It’s one of those full-on verbal reprimands so beloved of TV crime dramas, in that it takes place in a private office, but is so loud that it rattles the venetian blinds and ends up being heard by everyone else in the department. 

As for the case, I can’t help but feel that if the squad wants it solved, they should drag office worker Lyn in for questioning. She only ever gets one scene each episode, but always seems to know more than she’s letting on. 


A rash decision unsettles Lisa, so throwing herself into her work, she pursues a new line of investigation, which uncovers a secret with far-reaching consequences. As the evidence against one suspect continues to build, a desperate Manning makes a choice that risks the integrity of the case. Meanwhile, Penny's words make Abbie question where her loyalties lie.

Cast & Crew

DC Lisa Armstrong Morven Christie
DI Tony Manning Daniel Ryan
Bill Bradwell James Cosmo
Andy Warren Joe Absolom
Penny Armstrong Lindsey Coulson
DCI Robert Pearson Steven Elder
Abbie Armstrong Imogen King
Lyn Chee Wendy Kweh
DS Alexander Stewart Simon Manyonda
Rob Armstrong Art Parkinson
Mark Bradwell Steven Robertson
Stella Bradwell Sunetra Sarker
Rose Marshbrook Sharon Small
Ellen Manning Kerrie Taylor
DS James Clarke Andrew Dowbiggin
DS Karen Hobson Erin Shanagher
DC Eddie Martin Thomas Law
Josh Nubhai Adam Hussain
Claire Regan Ciara Adams
Oliver Marshbrook Leo Ashton
Madeline Hookway Sian Breckin
Viktor Zima Aleksandar Mikic
Gerald Hart David Hounslow
Gary David Lonsdale
Ash Stevens Tommy Egan
Jack Overton Corin Silva
PC Adam Jessop Reece Douglas
Director Julia Ford
Executive Producer Daragh Carville
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Executive Producer Patrick Schweitzer
Producer Alexander Lamb
Writer Sally Tatchell
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