The Inbetweeners

Night Out in London

Series 2 - Episode 4 Night Out in London



Will tries to reinvent the boys' image by taking them clubbing around London, but Simon is unsure whether to go until Carli shows an interest in the outing. When the friends arrive in the West End, their efforts to appear cool are hampered by aggressive bouncers, a tramp and some angry bus passengers.

Cast & Crew

Will McKenzie Simon Bird
Jay Cartwright James Buckley
Neil Sutherland Blake Harrison
Simon Cooper Joe Thomas
Carli D'Amato Emily Head
Katie Sutherland Kacey Barnfield
Rachel Lily Lovett
Adam Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Dean Johnny Sweet
Dean Jonny Sweet
Bouncer Jody Halse
Tramp Robert McCafferty
Angry man Seok-Ha Hwang
Director Ben Palmer
Producer Christopher Young
Writer Damon Beesley
Writer Iain Morris
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