Ron Howard

Series 6



It’s been a remarkable journey for former child actor Ron Howard. Once playing the naive teen Richie Cunningham to the super-cool Fonz in Happy Days, Howard is now the savvy one who can say, “Heyyyy!” with impunity. As a respected film director, he’s worked with A-list stars from Hanks to Hemsworth and swotted up on everything from space travel to firefighting.

While the programme’s format doesn’t allow us to discover what makes Howard tick, the clips and critics’ input underline the breadth of his CV and his mastery of many genres. And it’s interesting that arguably his greatest picture, Apollo 13, is one that focused not on success but on something that went wrong. If his back catalogue has any overarching theme it’s human endeavour, and Apollo 13’s response to a catastrophic failure makes it lastingly powerful.


The life and work of Ron Howard, whose films include Splash, Cocoon, Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon, Cinderella Man, Rush, and A Beautiful Mind, for which he won two Oscars.
Documentary Arts