George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Series 10 - Episode 3



There are some Amazing Spaces projects that are difficult to envisage until the final unveiling and the one dreamt up by Chris from the Wirral is a perfect example. He wants to make an articulated camper out of two separate VW vans in what he hopes will be a cross between a mini HGV and a caravan. It sounds cumbersome and, yes, slightly loopy, but both bodywork and interior end up looking pretty special. Whether it’s within budget, though, is another matter. 

Over in Sussex, there’s another enviable holiday home to be viewed – this one with a futuristic design. But the teeth of sci-fi fans will be set on edge when George describes it as looking like “Battleship” Galactica.


The architect meets Chris and Jodie, who are turning a broken-down camper into a cross between a mini HGV and a caravan. A couple reinvent a broken railway carriage as a rustic retreat, and for their observatory, George and Will Hardie learn how to take photos with a beer can.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George Clarke
Contributor Will Hardie
Executive Producer Will Daws
Executive Producer Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Stephen Leigh