Series 2 - Episode 1



Some of us have been carrying a torch for this wonderful sitcom for a while now. The first series aired in 2017, and it was funny and clever and dark. Channel 4 commissioned a second and then…nothing. Or rather, a long saga of problems (see our feature on p xx) beset the show, until now, finally Back is where it belongs – back.

Luckily, it hits its comedy stride as if it had never been away. Writer Simon Blackwell is a wizard of doing every sitcom thing at once. He draws us into the central mystery: is smooth-talking Andrew (Robert Webb) the long lost foster-brother he claims to be? Or is he, as tightly wound Stephen (David Mitchell) believes, a cunning cuckoo in the family nest?

Meanwhile, Blackwell serves up ace one-liners, daft running gags (about slippers, instant soups and madness, for instance) absurd scenes and ripe characters, not least Geoff McGivern as eccentric uncle Geoff, forever threatening to steal the show. It’s a great mix.


Return of the comedy series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. After a long absence, a rejuvenated Stephen heads back to the John Barleycorn, just as Andrew is starting to feel restricted and weighed down by the mundanities of being a provincial pub landlord. However, the opening of a rival pub just up the road evokes curiosity - especially when it becomes apparent that the new establishment needs a manager.

Cast & Crew

Stephen David Mitchell
Andrew Robert Webb
Cass Louise Brealey
Ellen Penny Downie
Jan Jessica Gunning
Julian John Macmillan
Mike Oliver Maltman
Geoff Geoff McGivern
Alison Olivia Poulet
Director George Kane
Writer Simon Blackwell
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