Natural History Museum: World of Wonder

Natural History Museum: World of Wonder

Series 1 - Episode 3



Gather any nearby junior palaeontologists for this episode of the fun behind-the-exhibits doc, or for the first ten minutes at least. First we join the technicians who are fixing the malfunctioning tail of the Natural History Museum’s giant animatronic T Rex – although this isn’t as bad as his previous ailment, which was uncontrollable headbanging. Then we join another museum staff member who has a lot of real T Rex bones to sort, which means decoding which fossils belong to which dinosaur, and indeed which are plastic imitations that were previously used to plug gaps in the skeletons.

Elsewhere there are efforts to document every fauna species in Britain, a smelly guide to ambergris, and a truck arriving at the goods entrance, bursting with stuffed animals.


World-leading dinosaur expert Susie Maidment is in the museum basement trying to piece together the skeleton of the first Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered. It's a priceless specimen but somehow the bones have got muddled up with another dinosaur and it's up to Susie to work out if any of the bits are missing. The experts inspect Guy the gorilla, who was a London Zoo favourite for decades and now sits fully preserved in his own glass case, and the museum launches an ambitious project to capture a sample of every living bug in the UK today.

Cast & Crew

Director Luke Korzun Martin
Director Ashok Prasad
Executive Producer Ninder Billing Khandelwal
Producer Ashok Prasad
Series Producer Luke Korzun Martin
Documentary History