Scot Squad

Series 6 - Episode 3



City cops Jack McLaren and Sarah Fletcher are called upon to deal with a delivery driver in distress. Hugh McKirdy saves a bride-to-be stranded at the roadside - only for his heartstrings to be pulled when her veil is lifted. Bobby and Officer Karen are locked in down at the station when new security measures cause confusion, Ken Beattie crushes a criminal in the cinema and Jane Mackay considers ending her partnership with Charlie McIntosh. Comedy, starring Jack Docherty, Grado and Karen Bartke.

Cast & Crew

Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson Jack Docherty
PC Jack McLaren Jordan Young
PC Sarah Fletcher Sally Reid
PC Hugh McKirdy Grado
PC Surjit Singh Manjot Sumal
Bobby Muir Darren Connell
Sgt Karen Ann Millar Karen Bartke
Acting Sgt Ken Beattie James Allenby-Kirk
PC Jane Mackay Ashley Smith
PC Charlie McIntosh Chris Forbes
Detective Andrea McGill Louise Mccarthy
DC Megan Squire Julie Wilson Nimmo
Archie Pepper Stuart McPherson
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