Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast

Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast

Series 1 - Episode 1



Robson Green was never much of one for history when he was a nipper but he’s now decided to walk 84 miles along Hadrian’s Wall, even though he still reckons the ancient structure “was just a big old vanity vehicle” for the Roman emperor. 

En route from Wallsend to Bowness on Solway he chats to fellow walkers (and cracks some truly dreadful jokes), takes a chilly dip in the Tyne and meets experts who tell him all about the daily life of Romans or introduce him to geo-caching. 

As he trudges along in the occasionally less-than-clement weather, he realises he was wrong to think he knew everything there was to know about Northumberland: “This is a journey that’s good for the soul …. and the calf muscles.”


New series. The actor makes his way along Hadrian's Wall, built to guard the northern frontier of the Roman Empire in AD122, and covering almost 80 miles in length from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.